ROS provides a suit of training courses for employees of our clients. We mainly provide in-house training in the following areas:

– Planning an offshore site investigation.
– Foundation design for sub-sea structures.
– Trenching engineering, risks and mitigation strategies.
– Pile Drive-ability and Pile stick-up analysis.
– Project Management.

How we do it:

We work with the best, invest time and resources in ensuring the benefits of their subsea engineering knowledge and expertise are passed on to you.

Our courses are written, delivered and managed by our internal procedures guaranteeing high-quality training every time.

Our course notes are professionally printed in full colour with annotated tutors notes to serve you throughout your career

Who our courses are for:

We train engineers and technical personnel at all levels of their career.  We have helped thousands of delegates worldwide including:

– Pipeline, Subsea and Offshore Engineers
– Engineering and Project Managers
– Graduate Engineers
– Design, Deepwater and Process Engineers
– Construction, Installation and Structural Engineers
– Integrity, Environmental  and Corrosion Engineers

Plus, other personnel requiring technical knowledge, such as Business Development Managers and Sales and Marketing Managers.