Subsea Decommissioning

ROS offers our Clients the required approach to eliminate the need for them to commit expensive and valuable resources to a project that is not commercially viable.

Key Capabilities:

Subsea suspended well Abandonment
At ROS, we have the capability to abandon suspended Subsea wells. Our technology is adaptable Category 2 wells (i.e. Category 2:1 and 2:2).

Removal of Subsea Infrastructures
Our services for removal of Subsea infrastructure includes the following:

Reviewing Subsea infrastructure layout and development of optimum vessel schedule for removal of field infrastructure.

Generating schedules and performing front-end planning to minimise in field operations and Subsea ROV / diving activities.

Generating budgets and costs for all Marine / Subsea related activities..

Generating decommissioning procedures for all Marine / Subsea related removal works.

Assisting with approvals to decommission.

Performing removal and burial of Subsea infrastructure.

Disposing of recovered material.

Completing documentation and certification.

Compiling as-left reports.