Project Management

We at ROS recognise that for a typical project to be delivered successfully a number key processes have to be in place from the management perspective.

Key capabilities:

Project management systems
ROS has a comprehensive set of project management procedures which includes the following: details of roles and responsibilities, legal, HSE, QA/QC, risk, cost and scheduling requirements.

Risk management
ROS has a well-developed approach to risk management. This enables projects to identify risk areas and take the appropriate measures to mitigate those risks.

ROS has HSEQ management systems to reduce associated risk to all company, supplier and contractor personnel and the environment through all phases of a project.

Procurement and construction management
ROS has a detailed set of procurement and construction management procedures.

Cost Estimation
ROS can provide reliable CAPEX and OPEX estimates for each element of a project. These are inputted in the project database within the companys’ Business Management System for future reference.

Document control
ROS provides a complete document control system for all phases of a project.