Inspection Repair Maintenance

Inspection, Repair and Maintenance of Existing Subsea Assets

I.R.M work forms the foundation of our business and is also an integral part of any field management plan.

Key capabilities:

Pre-Commissioning / Barrier and Isolation Testing:
In accordance with statutory standards, we ensure that required barriers (i.e. primary and secondary) are proven prior to commencement of intrusive work on Subsea assets.

Replacement of Subsea Control Module:
ROS, has the expertise to change – out subsea control module and establish the operational integrity of the newly installed SCM prior to field departure.

Replacement of Subsea Production Choke Valve:
Due to operational requirements, there may be the need to change – out the Subsea Production Choke valve on the Client’s asset. At ROS, we offer a dynamic approach in ensuring the change out process is seamless and production can be brought back on stream quickly.

Other IRM scopes within our area of expertise are but not limited to the following: Electrical Diagnostics of Subsea Assets, Leak Investigation of Subsea assets (Hydraulic, Methanol, etc), Inspection Scopes (ACFM, A-Scan etc), Free Span Rectification, Mattress Crossing Installation.