Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Maintenance

Our Expertise:

Albeit a newly establishment, ROS has a group with over 60 years’ experience in delivering EPIC Subsea projects. These personnel deal with the Engineering, Procurement, Construction / Installation of the Subsea components and maintenance of these assets.

This is further enhanced by our partners, who are adequately equipped with the required equipment and personnel to get the projects executed / completed in a safe, timely and cost effective manner.

Key Capabilities:

Installation of Flexible Flowline, Umbilical and associated tie-ins:
ROS generates risk assessed installation procedures which incorporates the use of industry approved installation analysis software as well as relevant statutory codes and standards that ensures compliance.

Spoolpiece Fabrication and Installation
In projects where fabrication is required, ROS conducts a rigorous tendering process to nominate the most suitable contractor for the fabrication process. This ensures the Client supplied or Contractor procured material is utilised effectively and kept within their operating parameters. The fabricated product is mobilised for offshore installation after a series of onshore tests (FAT, Hydrotest etc). Again, engineered and risk assessed installation procedures are generated for the final phase of the workscope.

Riser Installation
Similar to our other capabilities, the Client supplied product is logistically handled and delivered for worksite installation. Required and risk assessed workpacks are developed for worksite use. The entire process is in accordance with the companys’ Business Management System.

Structure Installation (FLET, PLET, PLEM)
At ROS, our team of highly experienced personnel ensures Subsea structures are fabricated in accordance with regulatory standards and it’s also within the installation tolerance of the offshore construction vessel.

Diver Intervention
In water depths of up to 300m, our team have built a reputation for having the essential diving personnel to carry out various Subsea manoeuvres to ensure the workscope is safe and efficiently executed.

Diverless Intervention
Through the acquisition of up to date work class ROVs, our partners have the capabilities for executing workscopes in relatively deep water.

Below are listed some of the projects our team have successfully executed, which highlight our aforementioned Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Maintenance capabilities and expertise.

The Chestnut Project covers our ability to deliver on EPCM with diver intervention capabilities.

The Morvin Project covers our ability to deliver on EPCM with diverless intervention capabilities.